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The Road To Retirement Just Got Repaved


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Ever since Perspective Partners' inception, we've had a singular focus and passion: the financial well-being of employees. Our innovations combine technical and behavioral finance expertise to engage users and help them achieve their goals.

Our latest innovation, NestUp Managed Deferrals®, is the first program to coordinate and personalize 401(k) and HSA deferral recommendations; educate employees; and execute their choices with just two clicks. As you'll see below, NestUp can provide significant benefits to both employers and employees.

Why "managed deferrals"? In his paper, "Defined contribution plans: Missing the forest for the trees?," W. Van Harlow, Ph.D., CFA illustrates how deferral rates can be a significant driver of outcomes, even trumping fund performance and asset allocation. And Mark Iwry, the U.S. Treasury Department's top regulator of the nation's retirement plan system, has spoken out about today's "undefined" contribution plans, arguing that deferrals in particular are not systematically personalized for participant success.

We agree, and think managed deferrals is a powerful concept whose time has come.

If investments are the engine that generates returns, contributions are the fuel that feeds the engine. In today's world, there are many needs competing for that fuel. To help employees master the choices they face and to help employers get the most for their benefits dollars, we offer NestUp Managed Deferrals.

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NestUp Managed Deferrals

The first program to coordinate and execute 401(k) and HSA deferrals

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NestUp Managed Deferrals

Healthcare costs in retirement are expected to inflict pain on the budgets of most Americans. In fact, the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) estimates that a couple retiring at 65 may need a whopping $264,000 for healthcare in retirement.1

So it's not surprising that healthcare costs have become an increasing part the conversation around retirement readiness, and that Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a big part of that talk.

There's been much said about using HSAs for long-term savings, and about the benefits of coordinating HSAs and 401(k)s. But nobody has offered an actual program for doing so – until now.

Perspective Partners presents NestUp Managed Deferrals®, the first program that educates employees, offers them personalized 401(k) and HSA deferral recommendations, and executes their choices with just two clicks. When appropriate, NestUp also recommends directing HSA deferrals to retirement-oriented investments and lets employees opt for an HSA investment based on their 401(k) QDIA.

In sum, NestUp helps accomplish a number of important objectives:

  • Increase participation rates and deferral rates in both HSAs and 401(k)s
  • Provide employers with near- and long-term reductions in benefit costs
  • Make it easier for employees to optimize their savings, finance short-and long-term healthcare needs, and prepare financially for retirement
  • Encourage greater engagement in high deductible health plans

For further details, an informative whitepaper is available titled How Integrated Benefits Optimization Can Benefit Employers and Employees.

Download the whitepaper »

When $1.00 equals $1.44

Comparing the after-tax value of 401(k) and HSA deferrals

Rethinking the silos

A whole new way to think about HSAs and 401(k)s

The results are in

How NestUp performed in a two-year pilot program

Who We Work With

We partner with a wide range of parties to deploy NestUp

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Retirement Readiness

A comprehensive Advisor-presented program to measure retirement readiness and drive action

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Retirement Readiness

Advisors who seek to differentiate their program and approach to driving plan outcomes need great tools to attract and engage their audience. Our NestUp® program offers a rich set of sponsor and participant-facing online tools, curated content and personalized reports designed to distinguish and elevate your value proposition.

Measuring retirement readiness begins with a full evaluation of how well participants are using the plan. For years, advisors have measured plan success by tracking participation, deferral rates and investment performance. At Perspective Partners, we have always believed that the true measure of participant success is income replacement.

Offering a boutique, provider-independent program can strengthen your consultative position with your plan sponsor. With NestUp® your servicing model is free from dependencies on 401(k) or recordkeeping providers, making it possible to gain efficiencies within your practice by having a consistent approach across your client base.

We seamlessly blend online and offline by coupling in-depth, personalized action-oriented reports with integrated software to support your unique servicing model. Our reports recognize that the variables affecting outcomes are complex and that the information participants receive needs to be simple in order to drive action. Our reports handle the complexity of highly personalized and impactful participant messaging and provide output that is refreshingly simple and action oriented. 

NestUp® advantages:

  • Couples personalized action-oriented reports with a seamlessly integrated online and app experience to help participants learn, take action, and connect with their advisor
  • We produce advisor-branded retirement readiness reports from plan data directly from the recordkeeper, without any set-up fees
  • We do the heavy lifting from data procurement to data audit and report production
  • Reports are delivered electronically so you can determine the best option for distribution
  • Rigorous analytical approach uses proprietary bootstrap Monte Carlo along with holdings-based asset classification

Download sample Clarity and Participant Outcomes reports »

Participant Outcomes Report

Plan-level analysis measuring how participants are utilizing the plan

Clarity Report

Personalized gap analysis that motivates participants to close gaps

Choices Report

A comparison of scenarios after changing assumptions and adding outside accounts

NestUp®Choices App

A friendly, but powerful interactive tool to explore planning scenarios to see a more complete retirement picture

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Financial Wellness

Difficult Choices Require Smart Solutions

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Financial Wellness

In today's world, more and more people worry about their personal finances.  Employers are seeing the impact of employees facing personal financial distress in the workplace with loss of productivity, absenteeism and even health issues.  The 2014 Employee Benefit Research Institute Retirement Confidence Survey found 53% of workers cited cost of living and day-to-day expenses as the main reason they don't contribute more to their retirement plan.

That's why Perspective Partners created NestUp®, a site focused on providing information and tools to employees, empowering them to make smarter health and wealth decisions.

NestUp® engages users while measuring retirement readiness, and then introduces them to resources to help overcome challenges that may stand in the way of saving for retirement.  Articles, videos, mobile apps and other resources are available to help employees find ways to save and spend wisely in four high impact areas--money, housing, education, and health.

NestUp®Action Hubs

Help employees make smarter decisions about their money & health

NestUp®App Catalog

Enables employees to organize & simplify their life with their mobile device

NestUp®Advisor's Corner

Connect & communicate more effectively with your participants

NestUp Managed DeferralsTM

Address the plan sponsor's biggest challenge and optimize participants' retirement & health care savings

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DIAL Insights

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DIAL Insights

DIAL Insights allows brokers to visualize existing employee benefits, model alternative plan options, and evaluate the cost impact on both the employer as well as their employees.

It includes a full fledged communications program and interactive employee decision support tools to ensure employees are enrolling in the plan that best meets their health care needs. This reduces their annual health spend and creates a shared incentive for making smarter health care decisions throughout the year.

Once this is completed, DIAL Insights can analyze the cost impact employee migration had on desired enrollment outcomes giving you the power to craft compelling benefits strategies for your clients.

For more information, visit the DIAL Insights website at https://www.dialinsights.com.

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Working With Us

Understanding your needs and offering solutions

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Are you looking for new ways to deliver more value?  There are many ways we can help you improve your servicing model and competitiveness, to grow your business. 

As our name implies, we strive to be your partner not just your vendor.  We want to understand your needs and goals.  For example:

  • Do you use an Education Policy Statement?
  • Would you like a servicing model that's consistent across your book of business, without provider platform dependencies?
  • Does your servicing model include participant 1-on-1's that you'd like to make more efficient and effective?
  • Do you want reports delivered in PDF via your own website?
  • Do you focus on plan-level funding sufficiency analysis?
  • Does your plan include ESOP or special menu options?

After learning more about your needs we'll discuss customization options, recommend reports and services, and will review pricing with you.

Perspective Partners is committed to making things better and simpler for TPAs, advisors, participants and sponsors. Let us help you power up the retirement journey, for everyone.


Data Formats

Data process, requirements & templates for data submission

Education vs Advice

Legal opinion letters

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About Us

Our passion is bringing holistic financial wellness help to participants, sponsors and advisors.  That's why we created the NestUp® solution combining advanced analytics, curated content and apps, and advisor and employer productivity tools.

Perspective Partners, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Manning & Napier, Inc., is committed to making things better--and making life simpler--for advisors, TPAs, sponsors and employees. Let us help you power up the retirement journey, for everyone.


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